Nature vs. Anxiety

People today including children spend 7 plus hours on a screen per day-this includes computers, phones, TVs, tablets etc. It has now been proven that this causes isolation, sedentary lives, social skill deficits, tension decline in creativity and less life experience. The American Camp Association held a National Conference in Nashville in February of 2019 and all the key-note speakers hit on these troubling issues in today’s society of advanced technology & screen play. Anxiety & mental illness is on the rise…the average child in 2018 has MORE anxiety than a child in psychiatric care in the 1950s Being unplugged and in a nature setting like camp provided a positive impact on people of all ages including but not limited to: attention, learning, insomnia, social aggression/isolation, depression/anxiety, posture, sight, cardio/endocrine Exposure Matters: Natural light, sound, texture, taste, & movement increases brain activity

Black River Center for Learning

Did you know?

Did you know that camp, whether summer camp or a simple weekend retreat held throughout the year, provides seven out of ten essential growth experiences which individuals need for a well-balanced healthy life:

 Sense of Community

 Exercise

 Stimulating Mental Activity

 Connective Relationships

 Play Time

 Recharge Time

 Appropriate Expression of Support/Touch

Black River Center for Learning located right here in the Carlsbad community offers children as well as adults just such vital life experiences. By the end of camp year, we will have hosted approximately 550 children and 1,500 adults. For example, we host several Emmaus Walks and Chrysalis Journeys which provide men and women an opportunity to either renew their spirit in Christ or open their heart to Christ for the first time. In addition to the adult programs, we host children’s events such as the Hemophilia Outreach El Paso (“HOEP”) who, hold summer camp here at Black River for children who are unable to attend camp anywhere else. These children are able to be part of something they had never before experienced. In addition, we host family reunions, weddings, church retreats, school events, business meetings, and holiday parties. Young and old enjoy horse shoes, corn hole, 9-square, gaga ball, disc golf, archery, basketball, swimming, volleyball, canoeing, fishing and the Carlsbad Caverns! The overall attitude of both children and adults at the end of each camp/retreat is so positive that it underscores what we are trying to do at Black River. Our Mission is to be an intentionally accessible and hospitable place for all people where we promote and/or generate educational development, community interaction and positive experiences among our patrons. For those looking to deepen their relationship with the Sacred, we provide a place to renew their spirit. Our guests leave feeling refreshed and empowered.